Artisan Wines


Our Passion is Pinot Noir

Our Ribbon Ridge AVA, abundant in Willakenzie and Jory soils, is uniquely suited to grow some of the finest Estate Pinot Noir in the world. We then carefully crop the fruit, a time-honored tradition to yield only a small amount of Pinot Noir that’s exceptional in quality and flavor. After fermentation, gentle handling, and up to two years in French Oak barrels, this wine is rich with structure characteristics of the finest Pinot Noir – deep blackberry and cherry fruit up-front and full, soft tannins on the finish. And it makes us sigh just to think about it. 

Our Whimsy is Riesling

The gentle rolling slopes yield perfect conditions to grow Riesling in its dry form. Styring Whimsy Riesling is delicate, yet elegant, with crisp apple to peach and melon notes and a clean, rounded finish. Whimsy captures the spirit of this light-hearted beauty.

Our Depth is Cabernet Sauvignon & Petit Verdot Blend

You may ask, “What’s a Pinot Noir grower doing making a Cab?” And we would answer, “Finding our depth.” We enjoy robust reds on our own dinner table. And sometimes you need something deeper with satiating foods like grilled meats and intense sauces. That’s where our Styring Shameless Cabernet Sauvignon and Styring Reckless Petit Verdot varieties come in. All fruit is sourced from Oregon, typically Columbia Valley OR AVA. We produce all of the wine in our winery. 

Port-Style and Dessert Wines

We’ve always enjoyed dessert wines and sought to produce one that would satisfy without feeling sticky on the palate. Our dessert wines are opulent without being cloying. The flavor is lush, blooming on the palate, then clearing quickly.


Pinot Noir

From $35 to $100
magnums available

Estate Pinot Noir

Styring Estate Pinot Noir typifies the sacrifice and patience required to grow and make a truly fine wine from what is called the “heartbreak” grape. Severe fruit cropping, dry farming all summer, and long barrel times contribute to this elegant beauty. Everything about Pinot Noir is difficult but when done well, it is worth the effort. This wine is lush and complex, rolling across the palate with an ever-changing flavor from start to long soft finish. Typically presenting Black cherry flavors, soft tannins, and woody aromatics, Styring Estate reflects the Ribbon Ridge AVA terroir and long, dry summers of Oregon and our commitment to excellence.

Styring Wit Reserve Pinot Noir

At Styring, we do everything by taste, from picking a harvest date to determining when to move a wine from barrel to bottle, sealing its fate. Every so often we have an outstanding barrel or two that we designate Styring Wit Reserve, our finest effort. We bottle it separately and offer it to our wine club and visitors until its gone, which usually happens quickly. These wines tend to be bigger, darker, and with a complexity that runs deep. Black cherry, chocolate, minerality, and cedar aromatics are typical expressions of this opulent wine.

Styring Signature Pinot Noir

At Styring, we try to make each Pinot Noir distinctive. When you taste them side by side the difference should be clear and easy to notice. Before we bottle each vintage year, we taste every barrel and do barrel-level blending. Sometimes, there is more than one taste profile. If so, then we create a Styring Signature – often a softer, more supple version of our Styring Estate. Very enjoyable wines that are quite popular with our guests. In fact, Styring Signature 2009 earned the only Superlative Award at the Northwest Wine Summit in 2012 (Top Oregon Pinot Noir). The second Styring wine to earn this designation.


Cabernet Sauvignon

From $45 to $55
magnums available

Shameless Cabernet Sauvignon

You may ask, “what’s a Pinot Noir grower doing making a Cab?” to which we would answer – finding our depth. We enjoy robust reds and decided to take the challenge to produce one the Styring way. That means, selecting the best fruit from Oregon growers and hand-crafting a wine that is rich and complex without overwhelming. Not “jammy” at all, rich fruit flavors are seamlessly presented with elegant spice and balanced tannins for a full experience. Barreled for up to three years before bottling, this Cab is completely shameless.

Reckless Petit Verdot Blend

We originally sought to make a 100% Petit Verdot after tasting this specific vineyard’s fruit on the vine. Spectacular! But due to a mishap during press, our first vintage was accidentally blended with 30% Cabernet Sauvignon from the same harvest. Oops! Happy accident! This introduction of Cab brought the deep but softer flavor of Petit Verdot to a brightness it can’t achieve on its own. And, we named it Reckless in honor of our happy accident – a mishap we repeat annually though the amount of Cab introduced varies, again because we do everything by taste. If it needs more, we add more. If it needs less, we add less. But in our hearts, it will always feel a little reckless.



From $20 to $30

Whimsy Riesling

When we say that we grow and make Riesling, we often get a puzzled response. Why? First, because it loves to grow in our climate so our farm produces amazing fruit. Second, because Riesling tastes beautiful on the vine. To produce a lovely wine from it requires craft and care, and that’s what Styring is all about. Styring Whimsy Riesling turns everything you know about Riesling on its head with crisp apple to melon notes and a clean, rounded finish; it’s delicate, yet elegant. The name Whimsy captures the spirit of this light-hearted beauty.


Port Style Dessert Wine

From $35 to $45
375ml & 500ml available

Afterglow Riesling Dessert Wine

This is the first type of wine we made in 2003, and we create one every two years or so. Made in an ice wine style, this wine is bright with citrus to apricot to pineapple notes. Lower in sweetness than typical dessert wines it is sweet enough to satisfy but not cloying. It has a lovely, soft clean finish.

Breathless Syrah Port Style Dessert Wine

Our Port Style wines are a popular favorite at the winery. We specialize in ruby styles, barreled from three to 10 years, bottled when they reach their early peak to capture the flavor. Rich ruby fruit, changing pitch to a delicate alcohol presence that rolls through to a deep, satisfying finish. These wines should cellar for many years in good condition and continue to develop if stored properly.