Who We Are


Steve & Kelley

Styring Vineyards was established by Steve and Kelley Styring in 2003 on a 40-acre parcel of unfarmed land in the Ribbon Ridge AVA, upper Willamette Valley, Oregon. The Styring Vineyards principle is to produce small lots of hand-crafted Pinot Noir and other varietals with an authenticity you can taste. Our winery intimately ties the vineyard to the wine. Everything we do in the vineyard is as important as what we do in the winery.

“When something is made by an artisan, it is done with great care: unique, one of a kind, and of the finest quality. It is a reflection of the maker and the values they hold.”

Steve Styring | Founder, Winegrower & Winemaker

Our Viking Heritage

The Styring name is Viking in origin, documented back to the Year 700 A.D. Styr the Strong was father to Ragnar Lodbrok. We are Lodbrok’s direct descendants through his son Bjorn “Ironsides.” The history is muddled but their descendants left Denmark and Sweden to take what is now Sheffield, England.

Our family history in England is linked with farming as far back as 1100 A.D. The Styrings who did not take up farming continued as cutlers (knife and sword makers) and perished “at their profession” according to family documents. Good thing our ancestors liked to farm! Today, the Styrings live on the farm in Oregon, which is open to the public on a limited basis.